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Welcome to Richmond Home Brewing Supplies, where our passion for home brew extends beyond just making great beer at home, it’s about sharing this passion with other beer loving Aussies. We source the finest quality ingredients we can get our hands on so you can enjoy making the best beer possible at home. Start Shopping!

Home Brew Beer

Take a look at our beer range and you may just be surprised at the different varieties, blends and styles of beer we have available. Many Australian beers and also a few international and New Zealand beers are available from our online store.  Home Brew Beer

Bottles and Caps

We all know you can’t make a home brew without these, and there’s nothing worse than having 2-3 litres of beer left in your barrel and running out of caps! Make sure you stock up because with prices like ours, there’s no excuse to run out!  Bottles and Caps

Cleaning and Sterilizing Equipment

There’s nothing more gut wrenching than spending your hard earned time and money to make a fine brew, only to have it go horribly wrong because your equipment wasn’t cleaned properly. Our range of cleaning and sterilizing equipment will ensure your beer making kit is clean and ready to brew without any nasty bugs or baddies ruining your batch.  Cleaning and Sterilizing Equipment

Distilling and Filtering Equipment

Get the cleanest water you can for an excellent brew. No matter what you make, beer, wine, or spirits, it’s only ever going to be as good as the ingredients as you put in it. Make sure you’re giving your next batch the best chance possible with our home brew distilling and filtering equipment.  Distilling and Filtering Equipment

Fermenters and Home Brew Kits

Need a new fermenter, bucket or lid? Take a look at our fermenters, airlock, grommets and more. With kits, 25 litre and 30 litre buckets you’ll have your next home brew beer well on it’s way in no time.  Fermenters and Home Brew Kits


Want to add a little something extra to your next home brew? Why not try our range of home brew grains? Ranging from chocolate grain, crystal grain, light munich grain and roasted barley grain, we’ve got something to please even our most hardcore customers.  Grains


Our finishing hops will put that little extra kick into a home brew.   Hops

Kegging Equipment

Moved on from plastic barrels and ready to play with the big boys? Serious home brew enthusiasts will appreciate our range of home brew kegs, clamps, disconnects, and fridge taps.  Kegging Equipment